eCommerce web design made easy.

Our eCommerce web design module gives you total control over products, offers, pricing, delivery, stock, reporting and much more. With over 100 powerful features designed to increase the size and frequency of customer purchases, you'll find our 'one-touch' eCommerce web design module is the perfect tool for your online store. Here are just a few of the features:

eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Offers


Offers that Grab Attention

Sales, offers, deals and vouchers are the bread and butter of most eCommerce stores. Our content management system, Proteus gives you the extensive functionality to make full use of offers in every way: For example:
You can create sales by category, across the entire site or for an individual product. You can offer vouchers for redemption at the checkout. You can even create X for Y deals (3 for 2).  

Proteus gives you lots of easy approaches to maximise your sales opportunities so you can give the best value to your customer. 

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Upsells & Cross-Sells

Upsells & Cross-Sells

Never Miss an Opportunity

Upselling and cross-selling is a great opportunity to increase your customer's basket value and is easy to do with our content management system, Proteus.
Grab your visitor's attention on a product page by alerting them to a related product (a shirt that goes with some jeans) or advise them of a complimentary product (batteries for a torch). Our system is so advanced you can tie in offers to your up-sells (buy this kettle and get the toaster half price).  

You even do all this on the basket page so it's never too late to offer your customer a great product.

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Delivery Management

Delivery Management

Smooth Delivery

Getting delivery right is vital if you want satisfied customers at the end of their shopping experience with you. So, it's no accident that we've worked hard to develop a solid yet flexible system for controlling P&P.
With Proteus, you can adjust your P&P rates by weight, by country and even by product. You can set-up multiple P&P rates and have them fixed or flexible. Plus our system can integrate with 3rd Party delivery systems like Parcelforce and UPS so your customer can track their purchase and you can ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Stock Control

Stock Control

Confidence in Retail

Getting your stock levels right is no easy task - until you use Proteus. Our dedicated eCommerce content management system tracks stock automatically; retiring products when stock is at zero, warning you if stock is below a floor or even identifying those products whose stock levels haven't moved much!
Plus Proteus can also integrate with external stock systems (like NetSuite, Microsoft GP and more) so your warehouse and website are always in sync ensuring you have your finger on the pulse of all shopping activity.

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Web Design Staffordshire Mobile Friendly


Increase Customers' Basket Size

Getting your customer to buy more products is a doddle with our bundles feature. Simply, select the products you wish to bundle together and put them on your product listing or main product page as a related product.

You can even add promotions to enhance your bundles like; Buy A Get B X% Off or Buy A Get B Free, or Buy A Get B £X Off.
A simple and effective way to give great value to your customers whilst increasing your average transaction value.

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Checkout Optimisation

Checkout Optimisation

Sell Even After They've Gone

Stop your visitor from permanently abandoning their cart with our advanced Email Cart Recovery System (which is fancy speak for sending your visitor an email of their basket with an invitation for them to come back and complete the purchase).  
This elegant method ties in with our user-friendly payment process which streamlines the task of entering details and makes buying from your site completely pain-free.

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Payment Integration

Payment Integration

From Basket to Bank

Proteus integrates directly with SagePay, PayPal and Amazon giving you customer multiple channels to complete their purchase. We can even personalise your checkout pages to reflect your brand identity giving your eCommerce store a consistent and reassuring look and feel.
If you need to integrate with a different supplier, like your bank, then that's no problem, Proteus can do that too!

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Goggle at Google Shopping

Google Shopping plays a big part in consumer's everyday online search. In fact, nearly 20% of clicks go to Google Shopping ads which make it an essential place for your products to be seen.
Fortunately, Proteus can package up your entire eCommerce store and submit it to Google so you can get listed on Google Shopping. Products get updated as stock or price changes, new are products added, old ones deleted and it's all completely automatic. So, even the most subtle changes in your product database are instantly reflected on Google.

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Product Sashes

Product Sashes

Eye Catching Products

Product sashes bring to your customer's attention important products.
Proteus gives you the ability to flag products as "New", "Sale", "Featured", "Favourite", "On Offer", "Low-Stock", etc. or you can even choose your own customised alternatives.  
It's the perfect visual cue to focus your customer on the products you want to sell.

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eCommerce Web Design Staffordshire Review Integration

Review Integration

Prove Your Brand Value

Reviews add sincerity and strength to your brand and have become an important method for helping consumers choose between online stores.  
Our content management system, Proteus integrates directly with Feefo, Trustpilot, Trip Advisor and other leading user review systems to put review content seamlessly on to your website. This gives your visitor the opportunity to see your scores, drill into specific reviews and leave their own comments.
The perfect addition to any busy eCommerce store.

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Web Design Staffordshire Web Design

Bespoke Web Design

Wait a Second...There's Even More!

It doesn't stop there. At digitalROAR we want you to have the very best eCommerce website and that's why when you use our eCommerce system you also get all our bespoke web design functionality too. This means you have complete freedom to build the website you want safe in the knowledge that it will be future-proofed for years to come.
Hop over to our Web Design page and read all about it.

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