Proteus - Content Management System

Here's a quick insight into our innovative content management system, Proteus.



At digitalROAR we have developed Proteus now for over 6 years with a structured 5-figure investment programme. This has led us to build one of the most sophisticated, flexible and easy-to-use web management systems available on the market today.

With now, over 218 functions to the core product and a further 108 functions in the eCommerce module Proteus has an enormous depth of functionality which gives you all the control you need to manage your website.

The functions and capabilities within Proteus have been developed following requests and ideas through thousands of customer interactions many of which have been focused on a positive and direct impact on sales and marketing.

So, let’s take a quick look at some of the stand-out features of Proteus:

Our Form builder gives you the ability to quickly and easily build complex, stylish forms and locate them anywhere on your website. Your forms can have different types of field and validation settings ensuing that your visitors enter the correct information. Our forms can even link directly into email marketing systems such as Mailchimp.

Proteus stores all the data from every form filled in so you’ll never lose an enquiry. Plus you can download an Excel ready version of all the data and limit the downloaded data to specific date ranges.

Our comprehensive SEO controls give you access to key aspects of your webpage to ensure your website ranks as highly as possible on the search engines.

Proteus has a powerful eCommerce module with a huge array of features

Proteus also has a powerful eCommerce module with a huge array of features such as, marking products as On Sale or New, extensive control of promotions, prices and even discount vouchers. With Proteus, you can quickly and easily add related products [PAUSE] and have a product appear in more than one category on your website.

Proteus even keeps track of every change you make to a page so should you ever need to roll-back to a previous version, it’s already stored and ready to immediately reappear to your website.

We’ve made Proteus simple and controllable and that’s no exception when it comes to controlling the structure of your website. Rearranging pages is as simple as clicking and dragging plus you have total control over every menu item. This enables you to modify your entire navigation in seconds and have it immediately visible.

What makes Proteus such a pleasure to work with is that even though it has extensive and sophisticated functionality it is ultra-easy to use. And that is down to extensive research and development done by our team to find the quickest and simplest way of a user performing a task. This keeps our tech-support enquiries down to less than one per week proving how easy it is to use.

Our team at digitalROAR continuously develops Proteus to take advantage of the latest technologies and we’re typically add in one new feature every week to its codebase.

Here are a few more touches that make Proteus a great system to work with:

  1. Easily add Google Analytics into your website
  2. Never worry about losing your work – you can always recover it from our Trash can
  3. Instantly change your Social profiles
  4. Quickly add images, documents, links to other pages and products and even video directly into your webpage

Another key advantage of Proteus is that it doesn’t suffer from the continual need for security patches unlike many of its open-source competitors. This under-the-radar approach ensures that your website is free from the commercial consequences of hackers exploiting open-source code.

Proteus is also a bespoke system which gives you a huge competitive advantage and essentially means that we can develop it to do almost anything you need it to do. This is a vital function since almost every project we build has some unique aspect to it. And gives you the ultimate control since you can devise new functionality to work in a way uniquely appropriate to your business.

Additionally, we can integrate Proteus into any 3rd party system such as NetSuite, PayPal, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Go Cardless, SagePay and many more.

And when it comes to support you’re not even restricted to using digitalROAR. Once we complete your website the license to use Proteus passes fully to you meaning you a free to develop it as you see fit. And because Proteus is written in PHP, the most widely used online language it will always be supported by the programming community.

Proteus is also a bespoke system which gives you a huge competitive advantage

That said, the vast majority of our customers continue to enjoy our support and upgrades to Proteus through our Advance+ programme which gives you dedicated support for design, development and marketing.

When you choose Proteus, you choose a fully-featured, hyper-stable system with no hidden charges. And unlike many open-source alternatives, Proteus is written by one team ensuring the integrity of the code and assurance of working first-time, out of the box. In fact, Proteus is so stable it has never caused a website to fall over or stop functioning in over 6 years.

Proteus is truly a best of both worlds product in that it comes with extensive and imaginative off-the-peg functionality that’s focused on helping you run a commercial website as well as giving you a solid, flexible platform to develop your own bespoke solutions.

And this is why Proteus is used by so many successful and multi-million pound companies to manage their website.

There’s so much more we’d love to show you so why not drop us a line so you can test-drive Proteus for yourself. 

Published by digitalROAR