The Marketing Toolbox

A Unique Marketing Checklist

I use lots of different marketing approaches to help you achieve your business goals. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which are right for you?

Below you'll find 45 of my favourite strategies, simply select what you're trying to achieve from the buttons below and the strategies will rearrange themselves.  This will give you an idea of the things we could be working on together to help your business grow.

Grow your Business:

Solve a Problem:

Google Ads
Develop, run, and improve cost-effective Google Advertising campaigns
Copy Writing
Write compelling copy that magnetically attracts 'ready-to-buy' customers
Continuity Payments
Get your customers to give you regular monthly income throughout the year
Follow-Up Strategies
Automate sales communications with customers and prospects to increase your revenue
Email Marketing
Use email marketing to build long-lasting relationships
Build a profile which creatively engages your reader with your business  
Facebook Advertising
Take advantage of this cheap and hyper-targeted advertising platform
High-Low Service Profiling
Organise your offering with the most expensive service first and then selling downstream
Low-High Service Profiling
Organise your offering with the least expensive service first and then selling upstream
Lead Generation Tactics
Use multiple techniques to effortlessly bring prospects to your business using lead magnets and Irresistible Intrigue Offers
Cross-Connecting Channels
Create connections between marketing channels to funnel your prospect towards your intended goal
Marketing Goal Setting
Construct solid, sustainable and achievable, marketing goals using commercial metrics
Website Analytics
Understand and apply the data within Google Analytics to increase website conversion
Hand-to-Hand Selling
Learn the basic selling techniques to sell which don't pressurise or manipulate your prospect
Marketing Metrics
Define and implement the critical metrics you need before beginning any marketing
Offer Stacking
Multiply your perceived value with your prospect in order to help close the deal
Offline/Online Relationships
Use offline marketing techniques to generate online traffic
Omnipresence Marketing
Have your brand appear everywhere simultaneously in your prospect’s digisphere
Social Media
Attract buyers using social media sources
Overcoming Sales Objections
Convert prospects who failed to buy using sales handling techniques
Pre and Post Transactional Upsells
Help your customer buy products and services which are additional to their central purchase
Price Elasticity
Increase your price using multi-payment options, continuity payments, gated payments, etc
Continuity Back-End Sequencing
Sell a back-end of services using automated email marketing techniques
Reengage lost website and email prospects through targeted re-messaging and re-advertising
Shifting Target Markets
Reapply your marketing to new, fresh markets
Commercial Analytics
Pinpoint the key metrics in your business which help you increase profitability and drive down cost
Split Testing
Use A/B, AB/C and Taguchi testing to maximise the return from your marketing
Engage the Twitterverse through ‘lighthouse’ tweeting and advertising
Understanding Behavioural Indicators
Get your prospects to signal their interest in specific products and services so you can send them the right message at the right time
Understanding Commercial Metrics
Identify new opportunities through analysis of your existing commercial metrics
Usability Awareness
Simplify online marketing to make customer journeys easier and their decision making faster
Video Sales Letters
Harness the power of video to create trust and authority within your market
Winning Sales Meetings
Use sales meeting structures that get your prospect to ask for the sale before you do
Writing Marketing Plans
Quickly write marketing plans using my unique, tested and practical formula – applicable to any marketing campaign
Time Deadlines
Help get sales in on time with deadlines and scarcity strategies
Begin advertising only when your prospect is in your geographic area
Lower Click Cost
Discover how to lower your ad spend whilst increasing your enquiry rate
1-Shot Promotions
Use this strategy to sell one thing quickly, converting prospects into customers in just a few short days
Follow-Up Auto-Launches
Use this automated marketing technique to sell the back-end of your products at almost no cost
Customer Reactivation
Grab some low-hanging fruit and turn your ex-customers back into paying customers
Product Launch
Use key marketing techniques to launch your product or service achieving the deepest market penetration for the least cost
Opt-In Pages
Use value-driven offers to build your marketing list
Content Marketing
Use your industry knowledge to position you as an expert in your field by sending valuable content to your prospects
Website Conversion Optimisation
Learn how to turn more visitors into enquiries and customers by applying the APIE methodology
Traditional Advertising
Get more leads into your business using tried and tested traditional advertising techniques