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If you'd like to make improvements to the sales and enquiries coming from your website then invest a little of your time reading: How To Get More Customers From Your Website... Even if You Think You've Tried Everything!

The book is a step-by-step guide to building a successful digital marketing campaign for your business and details one of the most effective techniques for growing your business from the Internet using a strategy which can, largely, be put on autopilot.

About The Author

If you're not familiar with my work, here's a brief introduction:

I wrote the best-selling <b>"Make Your Website Sell"</b> published by Marshall Cavendish I've worked with many well-known businesses including; <b>LSO, Local Authorities, AFL, Henchman, NHS, British Safety Council, Link 51 and many more.</b> Over the last 15 years I’ve studied, <b>identified and implemented the most commercially effective digital and traditional marketing strategies.</b>. Over 23,000 people subscribe to my <b>free monthly ROAR Inspiration marketing email.</b>

I wrote the best-selling "Make Your Website Sell" published by Marshall Cavendish

I've worked with many well-known businesses including; LSO, Local Authorities, AFL, Henchman, NHS, British Safety Council, Link 51 and many more.

Over the last 15 years I’ve studied, identified and implemented the most commercially effective digital and traditional marketing strategies..

Over 23,000 people subscribe to my free monthly ROAR Inspiration marketing email.

What You Get

Proven techniques, tactics, strategies and clear explanations packed inside the book without any guff or filler because the most important thing to me was that this material was helpful to you.  

And it’s an easy read.  

At just over 80 pages, you can read it in an afternoon and instantly understand what you need to do to get more customers from your website.

Applies to Any Business

In the book, I give numerous examples of other businesses who are using this successful marketing campaign strategy and lots of real-life examples and applications.  

The strategies I detail apply to nearly every business because they are based on human behaviour and psychology and not sales technique or some new marketing fad.    

Plus, when you implement it you’ll create enormous goodwill in your marketplace because you’ll be genuinely helping people who will choose to buy from you because they want to not because they’ve been ‘sold’.

A Taster of What’s Inside

How to get your prospects eager to buy BEFORE they even see your pitch.

Page 120

Instantly get in front of prospects with money to spend. (HINT: The is super-cheap PPC advertising almost no one is using.)

Page 39

Why 1+1+1=10 and where to find the parts of your business which create massive results from minimal effort.

Page 7

Discover the two internet laws which govern people's buying behaviour.

Page 24

A way to generate leads and sales which taps into your buyer's deepest needs and instantly positions you as a trusted authority.

Page 26

You need an all singing and dancing website to get customers, right? Wrong! Endless website redesigns almost always backfire. Here's a brand-new approach that's faster to implement and gets results.

Page 10

Where to find the best customers and the bizarre case of how I found my perfect client.

Page 27

Why most people don't buy from websites (and the easy fix you can apply).

Page 11

What's the best way to sell?  Offer your service like this and you’ll probably make more sales than you can keep up with.  (HINT: It’s called the Hierarchy of Influence.)

Page 21

How, by following this simple strategy, I landed my first billion-dollar customer three-years ago that I still work with to this day.

Page 22

Say goodbye to having a small list of prospects!  This new source of leads trumps anything you’ve ever seen, and hardly anyone has harnessed it.

Page 39

When it’s OK to be a ‘tech-dummy’: Forget about the fancy technical stuff that’s totally confusing, I’ll show you how to build an online campaign in a non-technical way.

Page 56

The little-known Facebook strategy that puts your posts and adverts directly in front of prospects and customers on YOUR EXISTING database.

Page 40

What to do if you’re sending out emails but no one is buying or enquiring.  Read the counter-initiative approach which gets customers actively wanting to receive your emails.

Page 54

The truth about why most internet marketing dies on its feet.  The stuff you see everyone else doing is failing, but this new method is easier and works better.

Page 16

Sixteen ways to show the extraordinary value in your business and how to get that written down in a way which excites and motivates your customers to buy.

Page 42

What to do if you have tried lots of different marketing strategies and they’ve either not worked, performed poorly or had short-lived success.  This simple but powerful strategy gives you one proven approach which delivers customers month-on-month, year-on-year.

Page 17

If you hate the idea of having to sit and write marketing content you’ll love this quick and cheap way of getting it done without EVER touching the keyboard.

Page 32

And that's just a smidgen of what you get: Inside are 9 key strategies packed with tips, tactics, pitfalls to avoid, approaches, advice and real-world examples - enough to help you present the perfect pitch and get you the sale.

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At the moment I'm giving the book away for FREE as part of a marketing test. However, I will be testing a 'paid for' version shortly. (I haven't finalised the price, but it will probably be around £6.99.)

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