Consultancy Value

I‘m Here to Help

Specifically, to help you grow your business through marketing.  My aim is for you to increase your customers, increase how much they spend with you and for them to do so more frequently.

During the two decades, I have been consulting with companies I have generated real increases in revenue for my clients.  (Read my Case Studies here.)  My fees are simple:  £85/hour with of my customers choosing anything from 4-16 hours per month.

Why My Service Should Cost You Nothing

My sole aim is to ensure you make a return from investing in my marketing consultancy service.  In fact, the returns you get back from using my service should far outweigh the fees. So, in reality, my service has zero cost.

I back this with my personal guarantee: If you don't think I'm a good fit for your company then you get the first session free.

You Get All This When You Become My Client

Action Meetings

Monthly Face-to-Face meetings to turn your business goals into reality.  This is where we develop the plan to take your business to the next level.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Virtual

Virtual Support
& Progress Meetings

Scheduled support meetings to keep your marketing on track.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Email

Unlimited Email

All your emails answered by me personally and typically within one working day.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Access

Access Private
Client's Area

Free access to Basecamp project management software.  Gives you a complete overview of the project in one place including tasks, discussions, planned activities, resources and other extras.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Screen

Screen Sharing

Share my screen as I demonstrate and explain specific marketing techniques and approaches giving you the solutions to problems and helping increase your marketing productivity.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Cake

It's a Piece
of Cake

As if that wasn't already enough, I'm confident the cakes will swing it!